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Directions for Accessing MackinVia eBook Library


Directions for Accessing MackinVia eBooks



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There are books for ALL levels!


1.     Go to website.  

2.   Below and in the middle of the screen, you should see the word


3.   Click on the word -  “MackinVIA”. 

4.    Kindergarten through 1st grade with iPads: use log-in with school

       Google email and password.

  • 2nd through 12th grade on Chromebooks: your school email should automatically come up when you click on “MackinVIA”.

5.    On the Left-hand side of the screen, scroll down to Categories,

        eBooks, or AudioBooks to check out a book.  You can scroll down

        further to “Advance Search” for more selection options.

6.    Click on a book, click check out.  You can check these out for 7 days

        and renew three times.

7.    When you are done reading the book go to the Blue Circle by your

        name in the upper right hand of the screen.

8.    When you click on it go to “checkouts”.  This will show you what

        books you have checked out and you can select the book and click

        on “Return” when you are finished.



       Most of these books do not have a limit on how many students can check a title out.  For example, if 10 kids want to check out the same title it should allow all 10 to do so.  


If you need any help please contact:

Mrs. Pearce - -Kingman Elementary/Middle Schools






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