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Track Rules Handbook


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome to the 2018 Kingman Middle School Track season.  We are very excited about the upcoming season and having the opportunity to work with your son/daughter.  We hope that you will take some time with your son/daughter in reading over the training rules and policies.  We are requiring that each athlete return the bottom section of this letter with your signature.  This must be turned in by March 2nd.  This will assure us that you, the parents are aware of our policies.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the coaches.



Coach Teresa Bradshaw, Head Boys’ Coach              (

Coach Joni Watkins, Assistant Coach             (

Coach Bill Woodward, Assistant Coach                     (

Coach Bob Walters, Head Girls’ Coach                      (

Rollie VanWhye, Athletic Director                             (


Detach and return the bottom portion:


________________________________(Athlete’s name) and I have read and understand the track training rules and policies, as well as the athletic handbook, and I, as the parent/guardian agree to help ensure that my son/daughter abides by them.  Also, I will do everything possible to make sure my son/daughter is at school and practice or meets.






If I cannot pick up my child, after practice or track meet, please have them:


  1. walk home_____________________________________
  2. go with or to ___________________________________


  1. Parent/Guardian Contact Number/s:





***Please make arrangements ahead of time!!







  1. Be at practice on time.  Practices at Kingman High School will start

promptly at 3:45p.m. 


  1. It is the athlete’s responsibility to notify one of the coaches if you are going to be late to practice or miss practice.  Do not send a message with a teammate.
    1. See above email addresses.


***NOTE-if a student/athlete is dismissed from the team the procedure in the athletic handbook will be followed.  If requested, a due process hearing will be held.


    1. Personal sickness
    2. Family sickness
    3. Personal problems
    4. School activity

**be sure to have parent leave message for the coach when they call the school


    1. Receiving detention for behavior/discipline
      1. Pulling a card
    2. Late to practice
    3. Missing practice without prior notification of coach.



Participating in athletics is a privilege.  You are expected to act responsibly and appropriately both on and off the track and field.  Discipline problems will result in the following:


First Demerit:        Warning and additional conditioning to make up for missed practice time.

Second Demerit:    Additional conditioning and loss of meet.

Third Demerit:       Additional conditioning and loss of meet.





  1. Monday through Friday, practice will begin after all students have gotten to Kingman High School and it will end at 5:00pm unless told differently.
  2. You are expected to attend all practice sessions. 
  3. Depending on the events you are participating in at the meets, each athlete will have a workout to follow each day at practice.  If you choose not to complete the workout you will automatically have extra running.





  1. Athletes and coaches are expected to treat the locker rooms and equipment as if it were your own personal property.  All equipment is to be stored properly each night.
  2. Athletes using equipment such as shot put, batons, tapes and discus are responsible for putting it away at the conclusion of practice and meets. High jump and pole vault pits need to be covered.
  3. Pole vaulters need to get their poles the night prior to a meet, be sure it get them to Mr. Walters’s truck.
  4. Be sure all equipment needed for the track meet gets on the bus for the meet.
  5. You will be responsible for your own shoes, shorts, and shirt for practice.  Sweats and meet uniform will be checked out to you and they are your responsibility.  If they are damaged or not returned at the end of the season, you will pay the replacement cost. 
  • You are responsible for laundering (cold water only)
  • You are not required to have special shoes.
    1. Keep the locker rooms neat and in order.
    2. No horseplay in the locker room. 
    3. You must pick up your own things.  If you leave something out, in order to get it back you will run one mile. 





  1. Wear casual clothes, you will change prior to leaving to meet.
  2. Proper bus conduct:  Unacceptable behavior will result in extra running and missing the next meet. 
  3. No boy/girl togetherness will be tolerated.  Keep your hands to yourself.
  4. We will ride the bus as a team, and leave the meet as a team.  No early student checkouts.




  1. NO large coolers.
  2. Leave other peoples coolers and food alone.
  3. Be sure all trash gets thrown into trashcan and not on the ground or bus.
  4. Students are responsible for their own meals when gone to meets.
  5. Clean up camp area after meet.






Be sure to take your homework and other belongings with you because you will not be returning to Kingman Middle School after practice.

  1. Be sure to let a coach know if you have an injury or are sick as soon as possible.
  2. In case of bad weather, we will practice at the Kingman Middle School gym. Parents will need to pick their athlete up at 4:45 on these days.
  3. In case of lightning, immediately remove your spikes and lay the poles used for pole-vaulting down and take cover at the Kingman High School building.
  4. The equipment is to be used by those involved in that event ONLY.  Those using the equipment need to be sure to return all equipment to its appropriate place.  Do not leave items out.  Also, cover the mats for the high jump and pole vault.
  5. If you are late arriving to practice, notify a coach as soon as you arrive.
  6. Take your sweats with you to the track each day.  The weather changes quickly and you want to be prepared.
  7. In school and out of school suspension: any player receiving suspensions is subject to a one meet suspension.  Any player who commits an act which shows disregard for the team or towards the school will be subject to dismissal from the team.
  8. Just behave and we will all get along just fine. 
  9. Hair clips need to be 2” or smaller without any decorations to them.  If you are not sure, ask.
  10. UNDERGARMENTS: Need to be single, solid color and unadorned (no decoration, lettering etc…..)  If you are on a relay team --- undergarments (shirt/leggings) need to match
























Teresa Bradshaw

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