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5th Grade ELA

Welcome to 5th Grade ELA

#GoalsI know these last eight weeks are going to be different, but I know that you have the skills that you need to be successful in this new learning environment! We need to set a goal, create an action plan, and carry that out, so let’s jump in and do that TOGETHER!




S.M.A.R.T. GOAL:  

  • All students will submit the final product for Different Perspectives by April 3rd and complete all feedback and revisions by April 9th. 


  • WEEK ONE: FIRST finish Checkpoint 4 by April 2nd if you haven’t finished it already.
  • WEEK TWO: Write a five-sentence paragraph for your final product. More details will be given about this assignment during Week Two.


Use the following guide to correct errors in your feedback.Hmmm

  • PINK: Spelling error
  • BLUE: Capitalization error
  • YELLOW: Punctuation error
  • GREEN: Run-on sentence
  • PURPLE: Incomplete sentence
  • ORANGE: Confusing wording OR the wrong word/version of the word has been used


Don't forget**Don’t forget—if you need help, let me know! Email me or post a comment on your Notebook document for me to see.  We can set up a time to talk in a phone call or a video call and we can work through whatever difficulty you are facing.  YOU CAN DO THIS!



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