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2018 Science Fair

  • Showing sublimation of Dry Ice
  • Sukesh Kamesh-Can A Cardboard Hydraulic Arm Lift Any Object?
  • Ebanie and Rylee Chemicals between homemade play-dough and store bought play-dough
  • Noah Boen/ How do different liquids affect jelly beans?
  • Devon sheets / how art can change the world and how it is poisons
  • Canyon Lord - How to make a robotic hand?
  • Devon sheets/ how does art change the world and how is it poisons
  • Katiera Beardsley- How does a tin can robot work.
  • Becca and Brynn - How Different Dog Breeds React To Each other
  • Tristen Davidson, Dalton Barber-How Oil Affects Marine Life
  • Gracie McDorman & Sereena Wescott