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Music Festival Details


The League Music Festival will be held Wednesday, April 3 in Cheney.

8:45 - Rebecca Goldston

8:50 - Anthony Slinker

8:55 - Sukesh Kamesh

9:10 - 8th Grade Men

9:25 - 8th Grade Girls

9:40- Jr. High Band Warm-up

10:05- Jr. High Band Perform

10:50 - 7th Grade Mixed

11:00 - 8th Grade Mixed

11:05 - Matilyn Jump 

11:10 - Emily Fairchild 1

1:15 - Anniston Henning

11:20 - Brynn Walker

11:25 - Katiera Beardsley

11:30 - Hayley Duhon

12:30 - Sukeh Kamesh(perc.)

12:35 - Anniston Henning (sax.)

12:40 - Sax Trio woodwind trio

12:45 - Trumpet Trio clarinet trio

12:50 - 7th Grade Choir (Warm-Up)

1:10- 7th Grade Choir

1:30 - 8th Grade Choir (Warm-Up)

1:50 - 8th Grade Choir


The CPMSL Music Festival will be held Wednesday, April 3 at Cheney.

BUS TIMES: (All busses will leave from the east side of KMS.)

7:45 a.m.- Mrs. Dixon leaves with Anthony, Sukesh and Rebecca Mrs. Kerschen take a suburban with large instruments.

8:00 a.m. All other 7th and 8th graders leave KMS. (90 students)
2:05 p.m. - All 7th and 8th Graders leave Cheney to return to Kingman.

ALL VOCAL STUDENTS must wear nice clothes.
Vocal Guys: slacks and a collared shirt. Shirts will be tucked in. Vocal Girls: slacks, skirts, dresses, etc. Comfortable shoes.

Mrs. Kerschen will have specific instructions for the Band students. A small concession stand will be available.

All students should plan on bringing a lunch from home or bringing money to purchase their lunch.

Cell phones must be turned off in Performance Areas. Disruptive students in Performance Areas will be asked to leave.

Parents wishing to attend performances should arrive at least 30 minutes early. Some performers may be asked to perform before their scheduled time. Parents of soloists should make sure their child knows that they’re coming so we can wait for them if possible.