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KMS Music Room Handbook

August 2019


Students of KMS Vocal Music:


Welcome to this year’s 7th Grade Kingman Middle School Vocal Music Class.  I hope you are looking forward to a challenging and rewarding year. As we work together, I am confident that we will have a successful year making, enjoying and learning about music.


The following document is provided to let you and your parents know what is expected as we move into a new school year.  Please review this information and return the last page, signed by both you and your parent/guardian.


It is my goal that Kingman Middle School students will gain an appreciation for music and enjoy being a part of creating and performing music together.


Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the school year.



Patricia Dixon

7th Grade Vocal Music Instructor


School phone number:  620-532-3186






General Rules


As a member of Kingman Middle School, you are expected to follow all the rules and regulations as they are defined in your student handbook.  Students are expected to uphold these rules on school property and when representing KMS at outside functions.  


Classroom Rules


1.  Follow all directions the first time given.

2.  Respect the property and personal space of others.

3.  Do not interfere with the learning environment of the Music Room.

4.  Active participation is required.                                   

5.  Exhibit a positive attitude at all times.  


Consequences may include:


1. Verbal warning and loss of points.

2.  Meeting with teacher.

3.  Detention before or after school the following day.

4.  Phone call to parents.

5.  Referral to the office.



Grading scale


Grades will be determined using the following point system:

*20 points per week for classroom participation.  

    Points will be deducted for discipline problems as needed.

    Points will be deducted for not singing, moving, etc as instructed by the teacher.

    Points will be deducted for not exhibiting good singing posture.

*100 points for each concert or performance opportunity.

    Points will be deducted for unexcused absences.

    Points will be deducted for excused absences.

    Points will be deducted for inappropriate dress.

    Points will be deducted for inappropriate backstage or onstage behavior.




All Middle School Students are required to participate in two concerts during the school year.  These concerts are generally held in December and May.  Students are required to wear nice clothes (slacks, dresses) but clothes should also be appropriate for school functions and follow the guidelines as set in the student handbook.  




Performance groups rely heavily on the progress that is made during rehearsals.  Students should come to class prepared to work, ready to use good posture for singing, minds ready to concentrate on what is going on while the group practices.    Students’ total assistance and cooperation is expected.  Students will not be allowed to visit or interrupt while work is being done.


Extra Credit


Extra Credit points are available and can be gained the following ways:

*Attendance at a concert/pre-approved event.  Signed program or parental note required.

*Participating in a performance for an outside setting. ie. 4H Days, Church, other recital setting.

*One-page report covering a music topic pre-approved by the instructor.

*Singing, in private, for the instructor - specifically for the purpose of receiving extra credit points.


League Music Festival


In April, our 7th and 8th grade choirs will participate in our league’s Middle School Music Festival.  This year’s event will take place April 8, 2020.  All students must be dressed in Concert Performance attire. (Slack, dresses.) This year, it will be held at Kingman High School.


Parents are invited to attend the Music Festival to be a supportive audience for our students.  Please be watching for more information in March, 2020 concerning this event.


Calendar of Events

VOCAL CONCERTS - 2019-2020

Grades 7-8 - 7:00pm - Tuesday, December 17th - Choir and MS Band

Grades 7-12 - 6:30 p.m.  - Monday, May 4th Band, Vocal, KHS Pops


All Concerts will be held in the Kingman High School auditorium, unless otherwise noted.


Parents’ notification to me that this has been read may be done by email: