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Statement of Services

Bridges to Learning

 Statement of Services

Learning ought to be fun!!  We want children to grow up to be lifelong learners and we believe that making learning fun here at Kingman BTL Preschool will help instill this belief in young minds!

The preschool program at Kingman BTL strives to represent the best research and knowledge available about the needs of all children, how they develop and learn, and the kinds of experiences, which are best for them.

We believe that preschool is a time of socialization and learning to play with other children from diverse backgrounds.  We also believe in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and warmth so that each child may develop a good self-image through learning activities. 

Our learning activities include music, art, dramatic play, gross motor, story time, pre-literacy, problem solving, building, science, as well as many hands-on experiences.  We also incorporate field trips to learn and interact with the community and we enjoy lots of outdoor play.

We believe that the partnership between home and school is very important.  We maintain an open door policy and parents are invited to contact us with questions and concerns.  Opportunities for family involvement will take place at different times through the school year, which include grandparents day, mom’s tea, and a field day with dads.   Family members also have the opportunity to go on field trips or help with class parties. 

Our purpose is to help the children develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically through living, loving, and learning within a close-knit community.