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Suganya Balakrishnan

Welcome to my classroom for the year 2015-2016!

"Every child is gifted; they just unwrap their packages at different times."- Anonymous

Dear Students,

We have our rights and responsibilities in our class. They are as follows:



Classroom Expectations:

  1. Follow school rules
  2. Follow your classroom rules when you are in your classroom.
  3. Come to class prepared to learn.
  4. Follow directions.
  5. Be kind to others.
  6. Be respectful of other’s property and space.
  7. Speak politely to others
  8. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  9. Use your walking feet and inside voices.
  10. Follow adult requests
  11. Make a good effort at your work. Do your BEST!
  12. Ask for help when you need it.


Classroom reward system:

If students follow expectations and procedures, they receive sticker on their sticker chart.  After they fill 20 stickers in the sticker chart, they can win a prize from teacher’s desk.

Classroom consequences:

1 - Verbal Reminders (maximum 3 or 4).

2 - Loss of Privilege (recess, fun activities)

3 - Removal from general ed. classroom. (When the behavior is disruptive to other’s learning). Time will be given in the quiet room to regroup.

4 - Referral to the office.

Physical or verbal aggression or theft will result in an immediate removal from the general ed. classroom.


Suganya Balakrishnan

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