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Krista Clover

Welcome to Mrs. Clover's Classroom! 

  Welcome to Room 224!  I hope we will have a FANTASTIC year!

  Here you can find links to my class pages for 8th grade ELA, 7th grade ELA, 7th

  grade Literature, and 6th grade World Cultures, as well as

  information about Scholars Bowl and Leadership Team,

  both of which I sponsor.


  If you are ever concerned about how you are doing in class (or

  parents, if you are concerned about your child’s performance in

  class), don’t hesitate to contact me.  You can call me during my plan time

  (12:40-1:39) or e-mail me at If you need to contact me

  after school, my home phone number is 532-3455.


Rules for Mrs. Clover's Classroom:

  1. Try hard, do your best, and never give up.
  2. Participate and have fun.
  3. Pay attention to the teacher & raise your hand if you wish to speak.
  4. Get permission before leaving the room (and take the hall pass). 
  5. Do not bully, harass, or make fun of others.  Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.
  6. Arrive on time and with necessary materials (including homework).  Have your Chromebook charged when you come to class.
  7. Take care of your Chromebook.  Use it in an appropriate manner and at the correct time.
  8. Avoid interrupting the teacher or any other speaker.  Talk at appropriate times & at a proper volume.
  9. Respect other people's belongings and their personal space.
  10. Behave in a safe and productive way.  Speak kindly to others.

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8:00-8:52 (LATE START-9:30-10:13)

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