7th Grade ELA

7th Grade ELA



This year we will first focus on the essential elements of a proper sentence and how to write a good paragraph.  Next, we will develop skills in different types of writing, including narrative, argumentative, informative, explanatory, journal writing and reflection, and poetry.  In addition to writing, we will study grammar, vocabulary, and spelling.


  • Your Chromebook (Charged!)
  • A pencil
  • Composition book or notebook
  • A good attitude



We will use the district grading system (100-90=A, 89-80=B, etc.).  Grades will be determined based on the following:

  • Writing:  50%
  • Grammar: 25%
  • Word Study: 25%

Next Spelling Test-Feb. 2nd (Fri.)

Word Study #17 (Latin Roots)

  • judges - those who evaluate & make a decision, often in court
  • fortune - a large amount of wealth
  • doubt - to be unsure of or to believe the opposite
  • doubtless - not having any uncertainties
  • doubtful - full of uncertainty or disbelief
  • specialist - a person highly skilled in a specific field
  • misfortune - bad luck
  • fortunate - having unexpected good luck; lucky
  • unfortunate - having undeserved or unforeseen bad luck
  • especially - unusually or markedly
  • specific - applying to a particular thing
  • specifications - detailed instructions or requirements
  • judicial - having to do with the legal system and law
  • judgment - decision made after deliberation
  • prejudice - an opinion formed without all the facts
  • undoubtedly - without question, absolutely



Games to review this week’s spelling words can be found on my Spelling City page and games to review the vocabulary definitions can be found on our Quizlet class page




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comment posted by Michelle Hepner on 08-11-2014
Hi Mrs. Clover,
Your faculty information is very professional! I appreciate you being Thomas's teacher again and look forward to many discussions at home with Thomas about History! Thanks for being such an inspiration to all teachers at KES & KMS besides our wonderful students! Thanks for your preparedness it shows!