Daily Schedule

Hepner’s (01/08/2016) Revised*

Resource Room Schedule




*7:50 – 8:00 Check on Jaxon in Mrs. Webster’s kindergarten class to go potty.  He might still be in the gym or cafeteria having breakfast… Thank you.  We are working on a toileting routine for him and he needs reminders.


8:00-8:30      1st grade pull out (Symphony Math) w/Math Instruction: Evan, Keeven, Steffeni *Watkin’s speech (M/W)




*Ipad for Keeven & Steffeni (Symphony Math) * 15 minutes J




8:30-9:00      1st grade pull out (Symphony Math) w/ Math Instruction: Blake, Quinton (science, writing/journals & language)




9:00-9:30      K - pull out Reading/Math (rotating):  Abby, Logan, (Osner’s Kindergarten room) Sam and Brandon (Schoenhofer’s kindergarten classroomJ)


*Brandon & Logan - speech at 9:10 a.m., Tue, Thu & Fri, Mrs. Lacio


                  *Tuesday’s Mrs. Hepner stay in Osner’s room for Journal writing for 15 min. J



9:30-10:00     *SOAR – Hepner - Resource Room


*Para supporting Title Room and Hepner Resource also:

         Chelsey w/Kale

         Jacque w/Tesa *Lexia & Sight Words, Fluency, Comprehension & AR

         Whitney w/Wyatt *Lexia & Sight Words, Fluency, Comprehension & AR

         Maggie w/Steffeni w/MTSS schedule J

         Christie w/Keeven M-W-F and Evan Tu/Thu w/MTSS schedule J


*Keeven H. & Kale F., and Jaxon S. Adaptive P.E. on Tuesdays and Thursdays J Jacque walks them down to the cafeteria & Christie stays with as needed by APE Renfro        


10:00-10:15    Recess * Plan * Phone Calls * Emails * Potty Break! J


                  *Check on Jaxon in Mrs. Webster’s kindergarten class to have him go potty in his classroom or mine b4 going to recess.  He will need lots of time and patients.  If he falls down, encourage him to crawl next to the wall or table.  So that he can pull himself up.  Thank you;)



(10:20-10:50) 3rd grade pull out Math:  Tesa, Wyatt & Emily

                  Reading, Phonics and Journal Writing & R-CBM’s


Emily:  *Lexia and individual instruction:




Wyatt:  Lexia instruction: 

         Phonics instruction:

         Sight Words:





Tesa:  Lexia instruction: 

         Phonics instruction:

         Sight Words:





10:30-10:50    1st grade pull out Reading: Quinton, Evan, Kale & Steffeni *

                  Literature Book: 





                  Quinton w/Lexia @ end of session


10:40*           Evan & Steffeni leave for Speech w/Lacio J Monday – Friday


10:50-11:20     Keeven 10:50 *Individual Instruction

10:50-11:10     Kale Math JSymphony *


*Tuesdays and Thursdays – OTR - Quinton 10:40-11:00 a.m.


11:30-11:35     BREATH J Potty Break!


11:35-11:50     1st gr phonics/reading group:  Trinton, Aljhon, Braxton, Madison & Claire






11:50-12:20    Hepner Lunch break / Planning *3rd grade in - recess @12:20


                  *Check on Jaxon in Mrs. Webster’s kindergarten classroom – have him go to the restroom in his classroom or mine.  He will need to try and go #2 also.  To prevent accidents,,, Go with him to the nurse if he does have an accident in his pants.  I hope not.


12:20-1:00     3rd & 1st grade Reading pull out:  Tesa, Wyatt, Emily, Quinton, Steffeni and Evan.  Writing w/out Tears on the iPad; Phonics; L21 Phonics; and AR Reading with Compass OdysseJ The older students will bring down their AR library books to be read to and take a test on the computers.


                  Individualized instruction:







                           Quinton:  Lexia/Symphony Math


                           Steffeni:  Alphabet games J


                           Evan:  PT exercises 1st!


12:50 *Evan & Steffeni go back to Watkin’s sm group reading J set the iPad timer J


1:00-1:30       K - Phonics pull out: Sam, Brandon, Abby & Logan

(Quinton goes to recess at 1:10 with his class) J


 *L21/*K Revised Pathways *Assistive Technology w/Smartboard, Ipad/Writing/Reading Books


Evan & Kale PT on Wednesdays J


1:15 - 1:30      *1st Grade Recess J


1:30-2:00      1st grade pull out Phonics: (Evan, Steffeni, Quinton w/AR reading), Writing w/out Tears on IpadJ*L21/K Revised Pathways and Phonics

                  Lexia individual instruction J

                  Individualized Instruction:







2:00-2:30      3rd Grade – Tesa & Wyatt

                  Reading & Language Instruction; Writing and Science







2:30-3:00      1st Grade – Working Collaboratively with First Grade Teacher’s in Classrooms

                  Pull Students to work Individually:


                           Quinton, Steffeni,




3:00-3:20      1st grade group Math – Trinton, Aljhon, Claire, Braxton & Madison

                  Individual Instruction: 






                  *Check on Jaxon in Mrs. Webster’s class to go potty.  J


3:20             Dismissal – Kindergarten Train to the BUSJ

                  There is a bus checkout list… Kindergarten only. 


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